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Now that the gene abnormalities associated with Chung-Jansen syndrome have been known for some years, PHIP pops up in more studies. However, much is still unclear about the impact of the various abnormalities in the gene on (psychological) health. There is an increasing need for multidisciplinary help for patients with the syndrome. Because there is no expertise center or clinic of their own, patients are dependent on help elsewhere.

All news about (medical) knowledge about PHIP and the appropriate care is listed here.

Outpatient Clinic Amsterdam UMC

Outpatient Clinic Amsterdam UMC

In Amsterdam UMC Sandra Jansen, clinical geneticist in training, and Agnies van Eeghen, physician for individuals with intellectual disability, started an outpatient clinic for children and adults with Chung-Jansen syndrome. For more information, please visit

Chung-Jansen Syndrome


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